Unique Style of Action Figure Boxes That You Must Try This Year

Action figures are essential to childhood and make attention center for kids in any retail market. So, the increasing population rate in the world shows how many action figures and toys need to be produced. Due to the increasing demand for action figures, their supplier needs to face tough competition to make their place in the industry. Due to this, the uniqueness in your action figure packaging is required to make your place in the industry. Therefore, using custom action figure boxes is the best way to pack your action figures appealingly to your target customers. Here are some areas that can be customized as per brand needs. 

  • Material 
  • Add-on
  • Style 
  • Design 
  • Content 
  • Lamination 
  • Window 

This article explains the unique and popular styles of action figure packaging boxes that you must try to pack your play objects to attract your customers. 

Five Panel Hanger Action Figure Boxes 

As the name mentioned, the five-panel hanger has five panels and two flaps. Plus, it has panels, as every packaging box has, and an additional back penal with a hole to hang your action figure packaging boxes. Moreover, you need a custom action figure box that offers large space to print information on the box. In addition to this, insert a window to increase the visibility of your action figure to grab the customer's attention. Plus, you can make action figure boxes with any type of material and print them with amazing artwork. 

Sleeve Action Figure Boxes 

The Next action figure packaging style is to use sleeve packaging boxes. This box-style contains two parts: a drawer and a sleeve that covers your product nicely. Plus, you can print sleeves in action figure boxes with designs and printed information to grab your customer's attention. Moreover, you even you can use brown no printing sleeve boxes with the brand logo and name to build your brand recognition. 

Window Action Figure Boxes

As the name shows, this packaging style contains a window to make clear action figure display cases that provide product visibility to make your product demanding and catchy. So, packaging suppliers offer to use single-sided and double-sided windows on your action figure boxes as per your budget. Also, you can use creative shape and design to make elegant and luxury action figure boxes to provide a better user experience. 

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Blister Card Action Figure Packaging 

Blisters card packaging has plastic that is pocketed according to the action figure and has cardboard to place your action figure firmly. Also, the cardboard back has a punch hole used to hang your item for an awesome display. Plus, blister card packaging offers too much space to print the desired artwork and illustrations to make them informative and engaging. 

Wrapping up Discussed Styles 

The long and short of the above write-up is to explain the unique styles of action figure packaging boxes that you must try to pack your action figures securely. Thus, you need to use five-panel hanger boxes, sleeve boxes, window boxes, cuboid boxes, bookend boxes, and blister card packaging for your target customers. All these options make your action figure packaging perfect and wealthy to provide a better user experience. 

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