Top 7 Styles of Custom White Boxes That You Must Try This Year

Tips: Make your custom white boxes eye-popping and functional for your customers. White boxes are viable in countless shapes and styles to pack items. 

Do you want to give a decent and sophisticated look to your fragile items, edible, food items, and other retail product boxes? Then, custom white boxes have become one of the preeminent solutions to wrap your items. So, no matter what we want to pack in these white packaging boxes. In this regard, this article explains some unique styles to make them attractive styles that look fabulous in white color. Let's see these styles used to make white boxes for your products. 

Reverse Tuck-end White Box 

The first style is reverse tuck-end white boxes that are durable in nature. Such boxes have a tuck-end system from both sides but are parallel to each other. So, the style provides protection to your items and prevents them from falling down on the floor due to tearing issues. Plus, reverse tuck-end provides enough space to place your content so you can have mentioned brand logo, name, instruction, uses, and other options. White boxes with a logo are the best solution to make your brand word of mouth and offer your product recognition. Such boxes are best for packing medicines, nuggets, cosmetics, candles, and other retail products. 

Seal-end White Packaging Box 

Our next choice is to use seal-end white packaging boxes that are sealed with quality adhesive. Once white seal-end boxes are sealed or closed, it removed for once, and consumers need to tear the perforation of the boxes. Such boxes are best to soap, lipstick, foundations, nugget, and many other retail items. Due to this, seal-end style white cardboard boxes are best to pack your product packaging. 

Straight Tuck-end with Side Hang Tuck 

Straight tuck-end boxes with side hang tuck are best to pack your cosmetic items, tube pack products, skincare, and stationery items. Plus, such boxes look beautiful with a printing option as well as in white colors. And brands use the side hang tab to print brand and product information for customer awareness. Also, you can use white packaging boxes wholesale at affordable prices to pack your items. 

Bellow Gusset Tuck 

Bellow gusset tuck boxes looked fetching and used to luxury products. The structure of this box is appealing and hides sharp edges. Plus, such boxes have top tuck closure to close the packaging of your product. Such boxes are best to use as white gift boxes that give value to your product and make them adorable. 

Slanted or Angled White Boxes 

As the name shows, such boxes are slanted and angled to one side. Slanted and angled white boxes are suitable for packing watches and jewelers. Similar to other types, you can get these boxes in custom sizes according to your product need. Moreover, inserting a logo with metallic foils makes your slanted white boxes elegant for your target audiences. Add to this; you can add white trays, Eva foam, and props to provide the space for your luxury item in the box. 

Octagonal Double Cover Container

This packaging box is awesome and splendid. Also, it has surprising and catchy features that make them auspicious for your brand. Octagonal double cover container fabricated with cardboard, Kraft, corrugated and rigid cardstock. Add to this; panels of this box have round and octagonal shapes at the same time. And these boxes are greatest for packing fragile and prestigious items. 

Pillow-Shaped Boxes with Window 

Pillow boxes have curve sides and curved lock edges that easily fold to make the pillow-shaped wrap item. Furthermore, pillow cartons or packs offer you enough space to print text and windows to increase the visibility of your products. So, you can choose any creative shape for your window die-cuts that you love, like a leaf, petal, and round. 

Ending Up Discussion 

The gist of the discussion mentioned above is to explain the top styles of custom white boxes that you just need to try this year to wrap your products. Add to this; you can use reverse tuck-end, seal-end, straight tuck-end boxes with side hang tab, slanted, and octagonal double cover dimensions to make stylish white containers. So, you can make custom white boxes to make them perfect white packaging to pack your items. 

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