Need to Have Really Engaging Custom Tissue Boxes. Read These 7 Hints

The word tissue popup the idea of cleanness in our minds instantly regardless of any other thought. People need tissue in massive amounts for versatile purposes like serving guests, wrapping gifts, during travel, events, parties, restaurant, and even to wipe their faces in hot summers. To fulfill the need of endless demand for tissues, countless brands produce tissue and pack them in quality packaging. Hygiene is a critical thing, and due to this, a brand needs to pay attention to packing its tissues. Thus, custom tissue boxes come with advanced packaging solutions and options that benefit your brand growth. This article explains seven hints to make secure and enticing tissue boxes for your customers. 

Go For Best Quality Material for Tissue Boxes

The quality and appearance of product packaging explain how much the brand concern customers' facilitation and satisfaction. In this regard, the brand use best-quality material to offer outstanding unboxing experiences. Plus, using quality cardstock protects your inside tissue layers from affecting. Thus, choose any thick material for your tissue boxes that look enchanting and impactful for your target customers. Custom tissue boxes come with cardboard, Kraft, corrugated and rigid material that are eco-friendly options for customers. So, choose any thickness of material like 14pt to 24 pt. that fits in your budget. 

Catchy Color for Printed Tissue Boxes 

Color is a crucial element that makes your tissue catchy and titillating. Engaging color makes your product fascinating and chic for your target customers. Also, every color has a particular meaning that assists you in conveying your brand message to your customers. 

Thus, you can choose earthy tones, nudes, muted colors, and citrus hues for tissue boxes as per your choice. So, ask your packaging supplier to provide the exact shade for custom printed tissue boxes packaging with CMYK and PMS color models. Also, they must use eco-friendly and premium-quality ink-toners to provide quality and scratch-proof tissue boxes.

Give Soft Velvet Touch with Matte Coating 

Brands use their desired coating and laminations on the product packaging to make them appealing. Thus, tissue suppliers also show their interest in the application of different coatings on packaging boxes. Similarly, the matte coating is the best option if you want to give softer velvet touch to your custom tissue box packaging. The use of matte coating gives a settle and soft look to your tissue boxes that look decent or sophisticated. 

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On the other hand, if you are interested in giving a bright and shiny look, you can use a glossy UV coating. This coating protects your packaging boxes from damage and increases the beautification of your tissue packaging boxes. 

Make Them Personalized With Printed Information 

Now it's time to make your tissue packaging personalized with printing brand essential details, taglines, and other kinds of text. Plus, as a tissue supplier, you can print the personalized content on your branded tissue boxes according to the events and festivals. Furthermore, using a logo and brand name with fragrance flavor offers the identification of your products on the overcrowded market shelf.

Choose Quirky Styles and Shapes of Tissue Boxes 

The use of unique styles of tissue boxes uplifts your product appearance and grasps the customers' attention. Durable and unique custom tissue box styles look fascinating and hold your tissues seamlessly. Thus, packaging brands offer unique styles and shapes for tissue packaging boxes. Some of the tissue box styles are enlisting below for your information. 

  • Seal-end boxes with top perforation 
  • Diamond shape tissue box 
  • Pillow-shaped tissue box 
  • Pyramid-shaped tissue box 
  • Triangle tissue box 
  • Window tissue boxes 
  • Tissue box with hook 

Use of Metallic Foils to Design Tissue Box 

After choosing the style, you need to employ the best quality add-on on your tissue packaging boxes. Tissue box manufacturers offer countless add-ons to boost the beauty and esthetic of tissue packaging for their customers. On this subject, they offer foil stamping, embossing, debossing, and laminations for your tissue boxes. However, you can use window cutouts to make your tissue boxes fabulous. Plus, you use gold, silver, bronze, turquoise, and bronze films for hot and cold foiling for your tissue packaging. 

Ensure Smooth Perforation, Creasing, and Zipper on Tissue Box

Tissues pack in different types of packaging like plastic bags, rolls, and cardboard-made packaging. Mostly, tissues are packed in cardboard packaging boxes used to serve customers in restaurants and offices. And these custom-printed tissue boxes wholesale come with top perforation, cut crease, and zippers with plastic lamination that secure the inside tissue and keep them hygiene for your customers. So, the perforation and zipper system must be smooth to open the box for an individual user easily. 

Wrapping Up Explained Hints 

So, the conclusion of the above discussion shows the seven hints that make your tissue packaging boxes alluring and captivating for customers. So, use quality, material, personalized content, metallic foils, quality perforations, and unique styles to make your custom tissue boxes fabulous. 

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